To Protect, Defend, Serve, Liberate, and Empower

Areas of Service

24 Hour Support Center and Emergency Admittance

Abuse does not have a time schedule and can occur at any given moment day or night.  Patricia’s Place emergency shelter provides housing for those escaping violent circumstances. We provide a safe haven for our families to feel hope, love and security. During their stay, families will have access to food, an array of clothing selected from our Confidence Kloset and other supportive services. Victims will be able to find refuge at Patricia’s Place where we are able to consistently provide assistance without fear of disruption. Patricia’s Place will provide safety planning, advocacy, domestic violence awareness and prevention education. Families will be able to reside for 90 days or longer depending on need



Advocate for Women and their children

Patricia’s Place is the voice for women and children in need of support. Our trained advocates are always available to lend an ear. The advocacy and direct services assist families with critical services such as individual counseling, legal support, personal motivation, encouragement, empowerment and self-esteem. Assistance is available with transportation, crisis management and offer information on referrals

Violence Prevention and Awareness Workshops

Patricia’s Place workshops and education support groups for survivors of abuse are key to rebuilding lives. Understanding the dynamics of leaving an abusive relationship and developing a safety plan are general services provided in our workshops. Awareness and prevention are tools necessary to address in an effort to end domestic violence. Our confidential, non-judgmental groups and workshops will create an exciting and interesting setting that will offer emotional support, the ability to connect with others who have experience abuse and construct a comprehensive solution for never returning to abuse. Through activates, fellowship, spiritual guidance and love, we will work together to take a stand against domestic violence, move beyond abuse and gear toward long-term stability and self-sufficiency


Legal Aid

Our objective at Patricia’s Place is to provide safety and security during and after assistance.  Our legal team assist with preparing temporary orders of protection, custody, free consultations, and divorce. Our experienced attorney will work with the courts and law enforcement to ensure our families safety


Case Management & mentoring

Patricia’s Place case management team will be the lead communication liaison for our families.  Our case management is client-focused and will aid families with intake, assessments, appointments, employment, finance, childcare, education services including addressing and referring to mental health or medical needs. Case management team will provide frequent face to face contact, encourage program participation and focus on shelter transition upon stability and departure