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Welcome to the Patricia's Place!


We are an organization dedicated to protect those who have fallen victim to Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence can take many shapes and forms ranging from Psychological and Verbal Abuse to Physical and Sexual Violence. Domestic Violence is an Epidemic that not only affects the person that it is inflicted upon but it also affects those that surround us, such as Friends, Family, and even Pets. Please join us on our mission to fight back against Domestic Violence.


Success You Didn’t Know About Patricia’s Place

Founder & Executive Director

While healing from my trauma, I was inspired to birth Patricia’s Place Domestic Violence Shelter… Moments in my story, tells how I fought to survive. From Pain to Purpose, From Victim to Victory I share my testimony through Patricia’s Place and my new book entitled:


My path of survival details my purpose in life, why my story is important, why my dreams count and how I was born to impact others…



Established in 2016, Patricia's Place is a 501c3 community based organization that is committed to improving the quality of life for victims who experienced or experiencing Domestic Violence...

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Please take this opportunity to join our cause in helping those who are suffering Domestic Violence by taking a stand and fighting against it, we ask of you to take action.

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